The unique multi-year study of Russian geneticists

Genetic studies of people in this country have begun long ago. During the persecution of genetics they moved into the shadows, but then resumed with renewed vigor: studied peoples of the Caucasus and the Pamirs, Central Asia, and especially the small peoples of Siberia. But here’s the Russian unlucky, because more people were not considered such an interesting subject. However, scattered populations of Russian studies were conducted at all times.

In 2000, our team (Medical Genetic Research Center) gathered into a common database all the accumulated information, and since 2001 we are holding their own expedition to study the gene pool of the Russian people. This work is now complete — the monograph "Russian gene pool of the Russian Plain."

The authors conducted an extensive study of the Russian expedition of the population — from the White Sea to the Black
One hundred twenty-five cards of the book will allow the reader to see all the gene pools of their own eyes.


Among the many obscure the ordinary reader options, you will scatter to syabya a lot of amazing myths:

Contrary to Karamzin’s famous dictum about the significant admixture of Tartar blood "pure Russian" scientists found traces of it not udalos.Vstrechaemost alleles DRB1 * 09 and DRB1 * 12, characteristic of Mongoloid populations, low in Russian (the same as the Germans)
This option is much more common in the Ukraine.

Snub nose was absolutely typical of the eastern Slavs (found only 7% of Russian and Ukrainian), more typical of this sign for the Germans (25%).

Similar studies are being conducted in many countries and there is an exchange of information
For example one gene mutation leads to nevospreimchivosti AIDS.

The most resistant to AIDS were Polish (Poland 26-27% of people have an altered gene). In England, the figure was 22%. Interestingly, the further east, the smaller the number of the lucky ones. The Turks mutated gene is found only in 2-3% of the population, the Japanese, and he does not. It is interesting that there is this mutation and the representatives of the Negro race. At all. Regardless of country of residence.

In a study supported by the National Cancer Center, United States, laboratory specialists prenatal diagnosis Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the name Ott led by Professor Vladislav Baranov established:


The most resistant to infection with AIDS were Russian and Tatar, every fourth representative of the people of Mother Nature bestowed gene mutation. So about 25% of Russians central areas have a relative resistance to HIV infection. 1-1.5% of our fellow citizens are already two mutations CKR-5, and is fully protected against AIDS. Slightly less fortunate Uzbeks, only 15% of them have an altered gene. Do Azerbaijanis and Kazakhs figure is even smaller — 10%. And among the Georgians, not one of the lucky …

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