The unprecedented earthquake threaten Europe

August 19, 2013. The French newspaper Le Monde published the latest results of a study to assess the risk of earthquakes in the next 50 years.

New European study confirms that Romania is among the countries with the highest seismic risk in the continent, according to an article published by the French newspaper Le Monde.

"The unprecedented earthquakes are possible in Europe" was the title of an article by Pierre Le Hir, the French newspaper, which refers to a study conducted by an international team of 50 specialists. He first used the same criteria and mathematical models to develop risk maps of earthquakes in the EU and neighboring countries. It is a valuable tool for the services involved in the development of standards paraseysmicheskih, writes Le Monde.

Maps, published by Le Monde, looks at first glance like weather maps. However, the predominant color in Southern Europe, red, does not indicate the heat, and on the seismic risk. And it is very high. The maps show that in the next 50 years, major earthquakes are possible in a large part of Romania. The risk, however, is large and in Turkey, Italy, Greece and other Balkan countries. "The overall geography of seismicity in Europe known. It follows from the collision of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates. The danger is highest in Turkey, Greece and the Balkans, Italy and Romania, "- writes Le Monde, on the basis of the results of the study.

Based on: Le Monde
Source: Independent information portal

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