The victory of Russian Technologies Izhmash and Saiga-12 in international competitions

From 26 to 27 May in the city of Debrecen (Hungary) held an international competition in practical shooting — Third Central European Championship rifle. The team "Russian Technologies" as part of Andrew Kirisenko (Moscow), Vsevolod Ilyin (Moscow) and Alexander Ilyin (Tula) won in a contest honorable 2nd place, behind only the gold team from the Czech Republic, which is repeated and the reigning world champion in the discipline. Third place went to the German national team.

For athletes, the team "Russian Technologies" this competition was a landmark: the first time they played in international competitions with the new guns "Saiga-12", designed specifically for practical shooting designers NGO "Izhmash".

According to one of the winners Andrew Kirisenko (Moscow), "proved to be excellent guns and did not disappoint, although we have to shoot a few thousand rounds." Vsevolod Ilyin said that winning recipe was a reliable weapon and a great experience shooting team athletes.

Remarkably, for practical shooting Czech team winners also uses the Saiga-12 "manufactured by Izhmash, they fine-tuned to fit your needs. The German team playing with a gun "Wild Boar" — technological analogue of the "Saiga". "Introducing the team" Russian Technologies ", was particularly pleased to speak with a modern, high-quality, reliable and absolutely unique Russian Izhmash arms production. If the Czechs had to tune it yourself, then we were lucky enough to become owners of ready-made rifles that meet all demands of practical shooters. I am confident that the new "Saiga-12", with which we train and stand, a huge potential in the world "- shared his impressions Andrew Kirisenko.

This championship has become a sort of dress rehearsal for the first in the history of practical shooting rifle at the World Cup, which will also take place in Debrecen (Hungary) in September 2012. Russia’s plan to take the arrows on it and gold are sure to have this team "Russian Technologies" has all the chances, despite strong competition shooters from the USA, the Czech Republic, Brazil and other countries.

A new modification of the "Saiga-12" for practical shooting Russian Federation has developed the Design and Technology Centre Izhmash in April 2012. In the standard version guns have been many changes which will increase the accuracy, rate of fire and softness, ease of recycling and other ergonomic features that are important in for athletes. With her team of "Russian Technologies" has become the winner of the competition level in Yaroslavl, Russia in May 2012. The plans FPSR and Izhmash — to jointly develop rifled carbine for practical shooting. These works are planned for the 2nd half of 2012 — beginning of 2013.

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