The victory over komplotom — at any cost!

August 25 in Damascus remember the fallen in the struggle with the hired thugs Defense Minister Daoud Rajhi, professed Christians — it was 40 days from the time of the terrorist attack that claimed his life and the lives of others control the Syrian army. In the Church of the Holy Cross was held requiem for valiant warriors who gave their lives, like thousands of fighter — the defenders of the Fatherland.

Syria has to pay very dearly for what country has become an obstacle to U.S. world domination. For that dared to challenge the colonial plans of so called "civilized" countries … Which, however, have entered into an alliance with not much of a civilized monarchies of the Gulf — Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and even with the lost human form bearded Islamic extremists who have one aim in life — to kill "in the name of Allah."

During those 40 days that have passed since the terrorist attacks, which, according to the plans of the colonialists, had to be a turning point in the confrontation, one can already see that in fact there was a fracture, but only in the other direction. Damascus and Aleppo survived, finishing off the remnants of the army organized terrorist underground.

These criteria against Syria intensified information war, and west desperately searches for at least some legal hooks to try to attack the fortress nepokorlivuyu Near East.

For the near future in the global media had three big stuffing false information as part of the information war:
1. The fact that the Vice-president Syria Farouq al-Shara "fled the country" and "joined the opposition."
2. The fact that our homeland, China and Iran have developed some kind of hidden agenda, which has agreed to President Bashar al-Assad. The plan involves Tipo his resignation.
3. The fact that in the Damascus suburb of Darayya army executed hundreds of peaceful inhabitants.

But the evidence suggests that all three information broken down anti-Syrian attack on the formidable wall of naked truth.
1. With regard to the vice-president of Syria Farouk al-Shara. So called opposition is stubbornly repeated this heresy, even after the official denial was the Syrian government. And heresy is broken at all: Syrian television showed footage of Katori Farouk Al-Shara meets a visitor from Iran, the head of the Committee for State Security and foreign policy in the Shura Council, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, Iran.
2. The heresy of the "secret plan" that Tipo Our homeland, China and Iran have agreed with Syrian President about his resignation, denied at the government level Syria. Published this "hidden plan"Some little-known Kuwaiti website, then this" duck "seized an Israeli website zman, and from there she went to all the world's media. But neither our homeland, neither China nor Iran all the more clearly and unequivocally supports Syria's This plan does not know, but Kuwait's little site "knows".

However, journalists were asked about this to the Minister of Syria disk imaging al-Omrani Zoubi. He had to make a statement that this is heresy, and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "will not leave his post. Indeed, it relies on popular support, and will leave only in one case — if the people did not elect him for the next presidential term. Nobody else, not including the Syrian people, can not decide the fate of the President. fact, with the same statements previously played himself Bashar al-Assad. Lude gave him an opportunity to the President, and he is sure that he has no right to transfer them to anyone, and only the people can to resolve this issue by voting.

3. About the Tipo "army executed 300 people" in the Damascus suburb of Darayya can say only follow. In 1-x, this "information" is given with the filing, "the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights", which is based in London. Her manager, some Abdurahman has not even completed high school. He is the owner of the diner malehankih in the English capital.

And the Western media continue to replicate what it sees in a dream master snacks without worrying about the reliability of the source. Even the official dealer of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich the whole world spoke about the ambiguity of "observatory", but for some reason "announcements with English cuisine" continues to haunt the international community.

But the next sensation still did not work — the owners have even bothered to Western unchanged stuffing their wards about the "massacre." The Lord has now another topic — "chemical weapon". And these are unreasonable "rebels" and again try to announce another massacre by government troops. Do not they fished "wind of change" in the West.

I wrote a report about the horrible pit in Tadamune Damascus, where the rebels dumped the body of adherents of Bashar al-Assad and even none at all in what innocent people — for example, 3 teachers of the local school.

Not long ago, the same pit was found in a suburb of Damascus, Al-Teller. Several 10-s bodies were recovered after the liberation of the city. This footage shows Syrian television.

But, the real dead people, apparently, not many trevozhut the world's media, and the news of these victims in the tops news hit. Despite the fact that there were certain proofs, evidences, and personnel.

But at least some of the word "English poluobservatorii-poluzakusochnoy" here gets to the top of news that says only one thing — a targeted media war against Syria.

Syria hopes to whom? Only on its durability, also on the support of allies — the Russian Federation, China and Iran.

While only Iran openly declares support for Syria.

The aforementioned head of the Committee of State Security and foreign policy in Iran's Shura Council Alaeddin Boroujerdi met in Damascus with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He assured the President that Iran remains a staunch ally of Syria, and will do everything in order to assist the country out of the crisis provoked by the outside. He also said that Iran supports the Syrian government and the Syrian security referred to part of Iran's national security.

Oh, it would be fine, if all the statements of the Russian Federation in support of Syria could be as clear and unambiguous!

In turn, President Bashar al-Assad said at the meeting that Syria's people never will allow those who organized the enemy komplot, to achieve their goals. Komplot this, according to the President, is aimed not only against Syria, but also against the entire region, as Syria is a cornerstone of the Near East. And Syria will overcome, no matter what the cost or had to pay for it.

Iran's envoy also met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid al-Muallem. The Minister also made a strong statement: Syria agrees to negotiate with the opposition only after the country has been cleared of terrorists.

Of course, the negotiations are likely only from the opposition, who agrees to be their go. It is clear that negotiations with offenders and criminals who kidnap and torture of innocent people being shot and their bodies thrown into the pit, which say that apart from the president's head they need nothing more — no public dialogue impossible. Their need to clear a beautiful country … After all, it's made specifically for the life and Daoud Rajhi, and the other generals, officers and enlisted men … And the country, in what commanders risk and die level with the fighters, but instead of facing new heroes to achieve victory. Even if you have to pay a huge price.

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