The victory over the Rostov Spartacus, said rap in the locker room

[Img =] [i] July 11, "yellow-blue" lost in his field, nine-time champion of the country — 0-1 [photo] Maxim Cada — 13.07.2009 [/ i] … While the players "Rostov" who is sad and who is puzzled by podtribunnogo room wandered the stadium toward the exit, in the locker room Spartacus reigned real holiday. As it should be — with music, cheers and applause. Champagne is not just enough. But it was not the championship or country team won the Cup, and with difficulty overcome "Rostov", located in the middle of the standings. It is said that Don led the team to respect themselves and grandees of the Premier League for the happiness of honor to take three points from this year’s uncompromising team of Oleg Dolmatova. [Cut] [b] Karpin knew about the trump card "Rostov» [/ b] One of the first of the locker room "red-white" came the CEO and acting head coach of "Spartacus" Valery Karpin. Judging by his appearance, he was quite tired, but a good mood did not try to hide. — Today we won a very important victory, — stated Valery G.. — On the one hand, took all three points on the road. On the other — overpowered decent team. This season on the field, "Rostov" failed to win a "locomotive" or "Zenith". To us it is, fortunately, failed. [Img =] — Today, the hosts showed the football, which you expected? — In general — yes. "Rostov" — well-balanced, well-organized team, which quickly moves from defense to attack. We knew that the owners will use their trump card — the counter-attack, and tried to act in these moments carefully. — Do you think that sight failed, despite the fact that the cost of a little? — Yes. We could have scored more than one goal, and more. As, however, and miss. (Smiling) — After a case in Kazan, when the player "Rubin" will quickly lose consciousness, the matches of the championship was moved to a later time. Today played in 21 hours. Is that acceptable? — Only nine in the evening and acceptable! If you play, say, five, it will look something like this: sleepy flies crawling across the field, and the fans from sunstroke are in the stands. — Would you have invited someone from the players, "Rostov" in "Spartacus"? — Not for me to discuss the players of the other team. To deal with their … [B] SABITOV met on the field of an old friend [/ b] Midfielder Renato Sabitov had to enter the game in the 28th minute — after a knee injury received Ivan Saenko. — It’s nice to have won — shared emotions with the correspondent "KP" Sabitov. — It is expected that the match will not be easy, and we have experienced for myself today. I think, and from it was obvious that the game was difficult for both teams. — To be honest, I’ve never seen that in the locker room after the game the team has played music. Who came up with this know-how? — The Team. And we have music and sounds before and after the game. Adjusted in such a way, which is charged with emotion. — Does it help? — Well, if you look at the score, apparently, yes. (Smiling) — Who is responsible for the music? Perhaps the Brazilians? — I will not say. (Laughs.) But DJ team we have, and everyone is satisfied with his work. (Laughs) — Today you met on the field with his old friend Igor Lebedenco … — Yeah, but I was very glad to see Igorechka. Man is always at and always gives good football. Igor is in order! (Laughs) [b] Gatskana AGAINST smoke bombs [/ b] Midfielder "Rostov" Alexander Gatskan considered that the natural result of confrontation with "Spartacus" would draw: — All the guys tried hard fought, but lacked a bit of luck. But should be given credit for the opponent — "Spartacus" does not allow us to shine. Plus, I would like to focus attention on this issue. Why allow fans into the stadium carry smoke bombs? Fans of "Spartacus" lit them before the game, the result on the field, the smoke cleared, there was nothing to breathe. I think ofitsilnym parties should pay attention to this point. [B] hornet’s recognized as a class of "Spartacus» [/ b] [img =] Captain "Rostov" Michael Osinov wearily leaned against the wall and gave an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda "run up hugging his little son. — I think we should not have to lose, the more that we had good moments even the score. And we missed the ball painfully humiliating. "Spartacus" is, in turn, proved to be a cool team: the moment — a goal. We are now the entire team sat in the locker room, talking … We agreed that in football anything can happen, and the humiliating defeat, too. But do not lose heart — it is necessary to take points away games. Welliton many games scoring just such goals as it is today: running away into the lead, the goalkeeper throws. We knew that the Brazilian striker quick and sharp. Wow opens, receives the ball behind the defenders and "walks". It is a pity that in the end do not keep him … — What happened at the end of the game when you have had a real chance to even the score? — I do not know … Gatskan made a backache, but I could not really punch, because the ball hit me in the supporting leg. In the end, rebounding from Yiraneka and rod. A little bit of luck and would have been a goal. It’s a shame. — In your opinion, the judge today worked well? — There was a time when, in the first half, shot down our player, Kovalev stopped the game, and there get out "three to two." He then came up to me, admitted: "Michael, I was wrong." A qualified judge would give a finish to the end of the episode. Sometimes, the judge cheated … But what is there to discuss? Let it remain at its discretion. — Today there were several dangerous free kick, but failed to score … — Standard Terms of the season — our disease: can not score — and that’s it! Before, we were famous for the fact that skillfully execute the "standards", even doing on this bet. Now do not get: a single goal from the penalty did not score. But we still have plenty of time to catch up. [B] SCOREBOARD "KP» [/ b] [i] «Rostov" — "Spartak" (Moscow) — 0:1 (0:0). July 11. Rostov-on-Don. Stadium "Olympus-2." 16,000 spectators. Judge: A. Kovalev (Tambov). "Rostov": Hoth Astafev Rozhkov, Lengyel, Andjelkovic, Lebedenco (Akhmetovich 74), Kulchiy, aspen, Hong (P. 57), Gatskan, Akimov. "Spartacus": Janan, Parshivlyuk Yiranek, Shtrantsl Makeev (Dedura, 77), Bystrov (Boyarintsev 73), Kovalchuk, Alex Saenko (Sabitov, 28), Bazhenov, Welliton. Goal: Welliton (71). Warning: Gatskan (21), Sabitov (45), Lebedenco (66), Petrovic (76). Man of the match (version "KP") — Dusan Andjelkovic. [/ I]

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