The victory, which we did not take away ever

"Experience shows that space and will not absorb any supermen, and the most ordinary people."— Yuri Gagarin

April 12 — Day of Cosmonautics, our great holiday, Victory Day, Russian intellect and will, the creative power of our people. The first manned flight into space, carried out in our country by our scientists, opened to mankind the way to the stars, by which mankind will go fast or slow, but go as long as there is a.
Start the "Vostok-1", produced from the Baikonur cosmodrome April 12, 1961 at 09:07 Moscow time, was the starting point in the conquest of the universe hitherto inaccessible. And the starting point in the development of mankind. The first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin spent orbiting a simple experiment: drank, ate, made notes in pencil, all my feelings and observations recorded by on-board tape recorder. By today’s standards, when even fly into space tourists (though very rich tourists), these experiments some people have probably cause a condescending smile. But none of the subsequent and future space missions, with all due respect to the undoubted heroism of astronauts and scientists work, invested in these operations can not match and never be compared in importance with the flight of Gagarin. Because Gagarin was the first. A first — always more difficult of all. On the first lay a special mission and responsibilities. And without Gagarin‘s feat, without the design genius of the Queen, without labor and efforts of their colleagues and comrades would not have today’s space achievements, space travel would not have today almost commonplace.

Our space program has been continued, and it continues to develop today, in contrast to the "moon American" because it has a lot to go on. And two of the next great breakthrough of space — the first man out into space and the first flight to orbit women — were also committed by our specialists and astronauts. Today, despite the very challenging and difficult post-Soviet years, Russia’s space program has leading positions in the world. It was the Russian spacecraft delivered to the space station, and said space tourists, and NASA astronauts.

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