The village Aksarka (Yamal) launched the fish processing plant

Aksarkovskoe fisheries enterprises started to fish processing. To do this, the company valued at more than two million rubles purchased: chopper, meat grinder, cutlet machine, vacuum packing machine, mixers, marking printer for the finished product. Production equipment is installed and established, the company KEYWORD employed ten people. 

Municipal enterprise will produce eleven names of certified products: preserves spicy salted, dried fish, minced fish, fish cakes and other items. According to the fishing quotas, the company is ready to release up to three hundred tons. If you increase the production area and bring to pass fish fishing communities, the range may expand. Possible smoking of fish, production of canned eggs and liver of burbot, processing of fish waste on technical fish oil and fish meal.
Ten tons of ordinary fish fresh fish caught from the beginning of the summer fishing season Priuralsky area are waiting for processing.

Completed and construction of the plant refrigeration equipment: The shop will gain two pyatidesyatitonnyh refrigerators, freezers four cameras at four tons, coating, and the washing conveyors. The total estimated cost of the shop — more than twenty-two million rubles. Its operation will expand the production capacity of the enterprise and provide a high quality of the catch.
Additionally install freezers in the townships Green Yar Harsaim and Yambur, it will significantly increase the catch of ordinary fish species of fish in the offseason, to take the work of fishermen and employ the majority of the population in the season. It will be possible to increase the wages of employees by forty percent. Priuraltsev demand for fish products will be fully satisfied.

Successfully started the agricultural year and the main granaries of Yamal — Shuryshkarsky district. JS "Muzhevskoe" bought new farm machinery. The new park is now cultivator, four-row planter and harvester, intelligent machines will replace manpower. Near the height of planting season, planted with potatoes, cabbage and carrots this year significantly increased the area.

As part of the district target program "Development of agriculture Yamal" in 2013 is under construction and design of a 17-minute sites:

— Breeding complex (p. Aksarka, Priuralsky district);

— Section of refrigeration equipment for the fishery (p. Aksarka, Priuralsky district);

— Killer set with refrigeration compartment (p. Payuta, Priuralsky district);

— Killer complex (p. Yuribey, Yamal district);  

— Wind power generators for the needs of the MP "Yamal Reindeer" (p. Yar-Sale, Yamal district);

— A mini-farm with 30 cows (p. Panayev, Yamal district);

— Fish reception point with freezing compartment by 50 tons per day (p. New Port, Yamal district);

— A workshop on processing deer meat (Salekhard);  

— Breeding complex (Salekhard);

— Milk processing plant (Salekhard);

— Greenhouse Complex (Salekhard);

&? deer carcass point performance two goals in the shift (p Antipayuta, Taz region);

— refrigerator at 150 tonnes (factory Yuribey, Taz region);

-n Taz — an office building agribusinesses and cargo berth for fishery;

— Breeding complex to the pigsty and poultry farm (p. Tolka Krasnoselkupsky district);

— Fish processing enterprise (Tarko-Sale, Pur district);

— Ice storage and pier (p. Hills, Shuryshkarsky district). / Span

/ Span?

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