The village Berdigestjah (Rep. Yakutia) opened meat processing plant

On the shelves Berdigestyaha will come round fresh meat products from local raw materials. In the village of Ulus Berdigestjah Mountain offers meat processing plant "Mountain meat product" SP IE Ksenofontov

Equipment installed by a grant from budding entrepreneurs and credit facilities, capable of producing up to 4.5 tons of semi-finished products per month and meets all the requirements of the sanitary norms. Dumplings, meatballs, beef, barbecue and goulash and other goodies will be on sale throughout the district.

"The company still employs five people in the future will increase the staff. I think, type about ten employees. While intend to produce on two tons of product per month. We produce it exclusively purchased from here, in Ulus, a local environmentally friendly raw materials. What is the meat purchased in advance. With the start of the slaughter to increase production to 4.5 tons per month and will begin to stock raw materials for the summer to establish a year-round processing ", — said Ivan Ksenofontov.


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