The village Chubovka (Samara region). Refurbished opened clinic



The word "extreme" for residents Chubovki has long been a synonym for "outpatient department". To find out how the child is gaining weight or prescription, you had a long time to gather his courage. In order to support the local spirit, which gave off a damaged sewer pipes. However, if the street was raised a strong wind, the problem solved itself — the same draft and walked into the office. Add to these problems are two more — with water and electricity and get a complete portrait of the rural health facilities.

Now clinic flaunts plastic windows, new wiring and sports a stainless steel pipes. And Attached garage building is now spelled machine "first aid", which is around the clock vigil. It used to wait for arrival of the medical team Kinel Chubovki of patients had a minimum of one and a half hours. So much time was required for the road up to fifty kilometers. "Out of our almost military feat," — laughing doctors. — Work begins in peacetime. "

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