The village Halyasavey (Yamal) opened the new building of the school

The new academic building of a boarding school for 240, complete with the latest requirements. Each class is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, let down by a good online.

 Besides school governor has commissioned a new residential home for the resettlement of dilapidated housing 12 families. According to him, all the national villages in the region are developing about the same, but this way Halyasavey started a little earlier.

"It was decided to develop sockultbit: building a school, a club, a children’s garden and other important life objects,
— The governor said the autonomous area. — Of course, it is necessary to assist in the construction of housing, because the mortgages in the village is very complex. It is encouraging that people in the most populous community continue to work. For us, this is a fundamentally — to men, fathers had a stable job"- Said Dmitry Kobylkin.

Dmitry Kobylkin noted that the opening of the new school — this testimony is true of the chosen course on the conservation and improvement of settlements and villages. Today all schools are staffed children.

"The fact that we have maintained such a way of life — it is a great joy for the people who will live here and continue to develop Yamal", — said Dmitry Kobylkin.

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