The village Kazakevichevo (Khabarovsk Territory) opened a primary school with a kindergarten

The village Kazakevichevo Khabarovsk region opened a primary school child in an institution will be able to sadom.Obuchatsya 151 children. The school has fully equipped classrooms, sports and music halls, a library with a reading room, a workshop manual labor. For younger students provided day care center, game room.

Dining room of the school is equipped with high-tech equipment: appliance must, cabinet oven and dishwasher. The school also has a modern medical unit, dental office.

The village was not previously preschool. Now, for up to two groups of kindergarten will take 40 preschoolers. In general, the educational complex is equipped with modern training, computer, technology and engineering equipment.

Construction of a school in the village of Kazakevichevo came with 2010. The total cost of this work amounted to 250 million rubles, of which 242.9 million rubles was the share of the regional budget

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