The village Kultaevo Perm region has opened a kindergarten

The opening of a kindergarten in Kultaevo — an event more than expected: although the Perm region and is a leader in the reduction of queues in kindergartens, in the Perm region still had problems.
Svetlana Kostareva, head of the kindergarten Kultaevo village, said: "It turns out that 40% of all reduced. Remain boys 2-3 years, which we will take the next fall. "

Regional and local budgets kindergarten for 80 people cost about 34 million rubles. Another 5.5 million have purchased furniture, educational games and equipment.
This nursery has grown out of the old building, from which, however, there were only walls and foundation. But precisely because of this, were able to quickly build the garden and it looks like new.

Arrange a small tour for the governor Kama, which sees the construction of kindergartens one of his priorities.
On the eve of Perm praised the high level of problem solving queues. The session on the implementation of priority national projects conducted Vladimr Putin. In the past year in the region have created more than 3 thousand seats for toddlers. Plans to continue to build kindergartens. In January, has already opened 4 Garden, next appears on the station farm.
"I think this is problem number one. All obligations that edge took over, realized in full, "- said Viktor Basargin, the governor of the Perm region.
Solve the problem with kindergartens fully in the Kama plan by 2015. Only in the Perm region will open 16 more gardens. So if Alena appears brother or sister, to wait in line just do not have.

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