The village Merkushino (Sverdlovsk region).


Verhoturie — the spiritual center of the Urals 

As a rule, came Verhoturie, tourists and pilgrims are not limited to visits Kremlin and Monastery. Their way lies further to the north-east. Nearby, a 50 km. (By the standards of the Urals, it is "close") is another great place — a village Merkushino.
Unique path itself from Verkhoturye up with. Merkushino. It is said that in Verkhoturye Merkushino of the relics of St. Simeon transferred many days. They carried on the hands, one by one. Accompanying the righteous holy remains of hundreds of people, among whom was a fool cripple Blessed Cosmas that all the way from Merkushino to Verkhoturye crawled, following the coffin on his lap. And when he had quite disappeared strength, he fell and drew pleas to the holy relics, "Brother Simeon, let’s take a break." And the coffin becomes huge, no one had the strength to move him, the procession stopped, people rested. Later, in places all these stops have been erected chapels, churches, temples. Because on the way you’ll meet a lot of them, many of them are active, or are recovering.

On the road from Verkhoturye in Merkushino at Pebble Simeon Verkhotursk, where according to legend he was fishing, there is a wooden church of All Saints of the Urals and Siberia, built in the style of tent churches XVI-XVII centuries.

Moving further to the village Merkushino, your attention will be attracted large paved area on the banks of the River. This landmark memorial cross in place of solitary prayer feats Simeon. Here, in the bend of the river tours, before there was a chapel, which is often left for long righteous thoughts and prayers. It is at this point and set the cross.

From him comes groomed tropinochke to water and stone, which, according to legend, was Simeon, fished and indulged in thoughts of God.

Merkushino village. It was here in the 17th century, spent his short life in the feats of fasting and prayer Saint Simeon Verkhotursky, there are also: St. Simeon Compound Novo-Tikhvin Monastery and is a holy spring at the burial site of St. Simeon Verkhotursk. Simeonovsko Compound Novo-Tikhvin monastery includes 2 temples, connected by a covered gallery: Simeon and the Archangel Michael.

In May 2002, Merkushino were found incorrupt relics of the Epiphany of Constantine, who was murdered by the Bolsheviks on July 14 (27 New Style), 1918. The reliquary kept in the village Merkushino.

Summer terrace with a tea pavilion.

Gallery between temples.

Simeon church was built on the spot where the tomb of St.. Simeon raised the water source. The altar is located directly above the tomb, which is the holy spring. All visitors are gaining some water from the source to heal from all kinds of ailments.

And now some pictures of the village. Pleasure to watch them all neat and beautiful. Live people.

Wooden walkways. In the villages of the Urals — a usual thing.

Priusadebnaya parking.

The local school.

For lawnmowers also own private parking. On alarm, they chtol, or in the village no hijackers lawnmowers. They stand on the main street.

And here is the central avenue.

And that’s how it is everywhere.

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