The village Objachevo (Komi Republic) opened quail farm

In the village Obyachevo Priluzsky district earned quail farm, it opened on the basis of existing peasant farming, which also contains the pigs and cattle.

Funds in the amount of 126 thousand rubles for the opening production of quail eggs were obtained as a grant by the municipal program.

"With this money, we acquired 450 cells and quail. Now have 500 birds, every 17 days is added with 100 units," — said the businessman.

The farm can produce 400 eggs per day, all of them instantly swept from the shelves residents of the village Obyachevo, so residents of other settlements in the region as long as nothing goes. However, the management plans to CK get a bank loan in the amount of 1.3 million rubles for the purchase of new equipment — automatic cells.

"If you currently feed, clean up litter and we have to collect the eggs by hand, thanks to new cells it will all be automated. According to our estimates, we will be able to increase the number to 2 million pieces," — said I.Alekseenko.

The plans CPK — the acquisition vislobryuhih Vietnamese pigs. Since they are herbivores, it will significantly save on feed.

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