The village Ryabovo Leningrad restored ceramics factory

Built almost from scratch, using the most modern equipment plant produces high-quality bricks of different colors and a wide range of applications. The plant‘s capacity is 180 thousand tons of brick construction and 120 thousand tons of clinker and facing bricks per year. It is the largest brick producer in Europe.

  • Restored ceramics factory


Ltd. "Gazstroy" in March 2008 received the right to use the nearby red clay deposits Latysh.V June 2009 Agency «Gazstroy" began to restore "Ryabovsky ceramic factory." In June 2011 the first batch of bricks. For the reconstruction took 2 years and 100 million euros. But the development of the company did not stop after the launch of new technological lines. The plans of the plant — to expand the range, making it a multi-colored, and add a line of new products and prefabricated ceramic design.
Two production lines capable of producing from the simple and solid brick construction to the modern large-format color and facial porous blocks. Full automation of the process of brick production to minimize the human impact on the quality of the product. Serial production began in August 2011. The plant employs 200 people (including career). Ryabovsky Ceramic Factory (RZKI) caters to the demand in the area of 25-30% in the North-West region.

  • Ryabovsky ceramic factory
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