The village Safarova (Rep. of Bashkortostan) opened a library

The village Safarova Uchalinskoe district opened model library — the second in the area.
Book fund here is 17 thousand copies, issued about 30 periodical titles. Safarovskaya Library — one of the most visited in the area. The new status required some investment: from the local budget allocated funds for the renovation of the building, the installation of fire alarm systems, new furniture. On the Republican budget purchased computers.

A modern library enables readers to learn how to use a computer to get online access to electronic documents. In the first model Uchalinski District Library was opened in 2011 in the village of Akhunova. Opportunities model library first to appreciate the teachers, experts in the field of agriculture, youth and students. In 2012, plans to open a model library in the village of Malo-Kazakkulovo.

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