The village Salemal (Yamal) built a new kindergarten


The village Salemal Yamal district built a new kindergarten "Goldfish". The two-story building in the capital is calculated by a hundred children. "Commissioning of a modern building completely solved the problem of queues in kindergartens Salemala — said the head of the village Artem Safrygin. — It formed the first group. "

According to Artem Safrygina in the near future "Goldfish" fully complement groups. In kindergarten children will walk vosmidesyat, garden built with a vision for the next five years. Salekhard builders erected the building in less than two years.

PS The photo s.Salemal school (opened in September 2012.).

Sadiq is available here (on the left with 11 to 15 seconds). :)

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