The violence in the settlements

In the UK, the police check the information that the immigration center guards raped women awaiting deportation

In British immigration center "Yarls Wood" women are sexually abused by guards. This was reported by one of the defenders of the former occupants of the center, it has spent six months pending deportation. Police launched an investigation, and lawyers called on the authorities to check carefully the activities of "Yarls Wood", which is not the first time attracted the attention of the public.

Police launched an investigation into the incident at the British immigration center "Yarls Wood" in Bedfordshire: a woman who has lived in it for almost six months, said she had been there "unacceptable sexual behavior" by the guards.

23-year-old "gypsy Tanya" (not real name), as they have already dubbed by the British press, said that was sexually abused by three guards center. In addition, it argues that the inappropriate relationship with one of the guards were still four women who had been detained along with it.

Another guard, according to Tanya, for six months maintained a relationship with the woman he later deported to Pakistan, and his colleague, the third — with a citizen of Spain, which even became pregnant by him.

Tanya contained at the facility from 10 August 2012 to 20 March 2013, but was never deported in connection with the complaints filed by it. She told the lawyers on how to treat women in the center.

"Many of the officers used the detained girls. In exchange for sex, they offered them to make life easier, improve prison conditions. Also promised that they would be more likely to stay in the UK if they are well behaved, "

— The words of Tanya The Guardian. According to her, the guards chose young girls, forced them to perform oral sex and other acts. "The guards were doing everything they wanted," — says the woman.

Tanya said that December 1, 2012 filed a complaint against the officers. By the time the center has already made several unsuccessful attempts to deport her to Eastern Europe. After filing the complaint were going to send her to Kosovo. However, the woman managed to get through to the embassy of Kosovo and tell you what happens in the facility for immigrants. After that Kosovo has refused to accept a woman into their territory.

In turn, the company Serco, which is under contract with the government supports the operations center "Yarls Wood" deny all sorts of accusations. "We have a strict procedure for considering such complaints. And all of them are full scan. On the occasion of one of the complaints submitted to the staff back in 2012 was conducted an investigation, the police was informed us. As a result, three people have been laid off, "- said the company.

Just the sort of statement the company was considering Thani.

However, according to the woman, then there was an attempt to conceal information. "They threatened me, saying that I will submit to the court because of complaints because I do not have any evidence of their crimes.

They also threatened to put me in jail if I did not revoke his complaint, "- says the woman. That is why the situation is a "Yarls Wood" was known only to lawyers over the weekend.

Tanya came to Britain at the age of 10 years with his family. The family was granted permission to stay in the country in 2006. However, the very Tanya in 2010 was sentenced to deportation as a foreign offender after being committed robbery.

Lawyer Harriet Uistrich of the law firm "Birnberg Pierce," which represents the interests Thani, called for the government to launch an investigation into the situation. Uistrich argues that this case can not be a single.

"Women in this center of something hard to resist. Often they are deported before they could tell the police anything.

Therefore, it is difficult to understand how many of these cases was, "- said in an interview Uistrich Daily Mail.

In turn, some British journalists said they were not the first time they hear this kind of information about the object in Bedfordshire. "I remember one of the women, which was contained in the center, spoke to me on the phone. And I well remember her saying overseers, pronounced with a strong African accent again and again, "They are bad people," — wrote journalist Alan White of New Statesman. Also recently, reporters learned that this year, the company paid compensation Serso 29-year-old asylum-seekers from Pakistan, who was also subjected to violence by workers of the center.

In Bedfordshire Police said reports of violence by staff immigration center they received in August from a third party. So far no one has been arrested as the investigation continues.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper called the allegations disturbing.

"On the part of the police and the Interior Ministry will be a thorough investigation of all allegations of abuse and"

— She said. Cooper is a review of the operation of companies that perform outsourced activities on the content of such sites.

In the UK Home Office noted that the agency is very serious about the content of workers in these centers. "The detention and deportation of migrants are essential components of effective control of migration, so it is vital that these procedures were carried out with dignity. We expect the same high standards of contractors. All allegations of misconduct are thoroughly investigated, "- reported to the police.

"Yarls Wood" is the largest facility for detention of women and families who are awaiting clarification of their immigration status. It is designed for 400 people.

Complaints to the staff of the immigration center sounded before. In 2004, a report by the Ombudsman, which described cases of racism, abuse and violence by guards on the basis of statements of 19 residents of the object. In 2006, women contained in the center, also alleged violence and threats by security guards.

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