The volume of cargo along the Northern Sea Route increasing fast


The volume of cargo between Asia and Europe through the Northeast Passage over the past two years has increased almost tenfold.
On Friday, the Russian state-owned company "Rosatomflot" reported that this year, this Court of the Arctic route carried more than one million tons of cargo. In 2010, the figure was about 110,000 tons.
According to the company, a large share of traffic are petroleum and iron ore. Approximately 60% of all cargo was delivered from Europe to Asia and Russia.
The sea route through the Arctic cargo attracts attention because it allows courts to reduce the time to transition between Europe and Asia, the duration of the voyage is two-thirds the time required for the passage of a route through the Suez Canal. The Northern Sea Route is also safer because it allows you to avoid pirate attacks in the waters of the Horn of Africa — the peninsula in the east of the African continent.

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