The volume of food production in the Khabarovsk region grew by 6.5%

The volume of food production in the region for the year 2012 amounted to 24.2 billion rubles — 6.5% more than in 2009. Almost 20% in four years, retail trade turnover grew foodstuffs, reaching 106.2 billion. A leading role in ensuring food security of the country and the region plays a fish-processing industry. Today, fish and fish products Khabarovsk region provides a more than 300%, while the share of products entering the domestic market is growing. For example, in 2012 Russia sold about 90 thousand tons of fish products from producers in the region, which is 10% more than in 2011.

Made in the region for 2010-2012. consumption of fish, meat, potatoes, eggs, bread and pasta today exceeds recommended rational norms of consumption of foods that meet the modern requirements of a healthy diet.

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