The volume of housing construction in Russia shows excellent results

Housing construction in Russia in 2012 could be a record, said Thursday the Minister of Regional Development Viktor Basargin ninth congress of the Russian Union of Builders (RCC).

As recalled Basargin, in the first quarter of this year, Russia was delivered nearly 10 million square meters of housing, which is about 6% more than in January — March 2011.

"Never before have we started the year as well. If you keep the momentum going, we will come out on a record figure for the year," — he said.

The minister also said that in 2011, builders took to the maximum with the 1990 figure of the number of apartments built — 788000.

According to the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation to the highest since 1990 (then in Russia was built almost 61.695 million square meters of housing) was an indicator of the commissioning of residential premises in 2008 — 64.058 million "squares". The smallest volume of housing construction in the country were recorded in 2000 — 30.296 million square meters.

In 2011, Russia was delivered 62.265 million square meters of residential real estate, which is 7.9% more than in 2010.

In 2011, commissioned 788.2 thousand apartments with a total area of 62.3 million square meters, accounting for 106.6% of the corresponding period of the previous year (in 2010 it was 58.4 million square meters of housing was introduced, 97.6% compared to 2009).


In 2011. individual developers introduced 201.2 thousand residential buildings with a total area of 26.7 million square meters, accounting for 104.6% of the 2010

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