The volume of Russian arms exports in 2001 increased by 10 times


Sales of Russian special weapons and special equipment on the international market has grown by 10 times in comparison with 2001, said Thursday during the 17th International Exhibition of security systems and "MILIPOL-2011" Rosoboronexport delegation head Valery Varlamov.

He recalled that in 2010 the total volume of foreign sales ROE was 8.7 billion dollars. The volume of Russian exports of special weapons and special equipment designed primarily for the fight against terrorism, "annual rate of 0.5% to 1% of total sales," ITAR-TASS.

"If you take a starting point of 2001, when we had established a service in the export of spenaznacheniya, then by comparison to date sales of construction equipment increased by 10 times, — Said Varlamov. — We supply special weapons and special equipment in more than 40 countries. In the nomenclature of supply — 200 — 250 special-purpose machinery. "

"Development, production and export of special weapons and special equipment has its own characteristics, — Said Varlamov. — The first of them — the degree of threat to internal security of a State. The second feature — a threat may either be "explosive" speed, or gradual, and to fend off its timely, necessary or that non-lethal weapons. "

"The third feature — a special purpose units of various security agencies have to act in times of peace, which places special demands on the use of special weapons and special equipment, — Said Varlamov. — The main thing — not to harm the civilian population. "

"The fourth feature — the export of special-purpose machinery not earn much, — Recognized representative of Rosoboronexport. — Why? First, not all countries are rich. Second, it is usually the piece goods sold in small lots. And the cost of special equipment items is much lower than the cost of military equipment — aircraft, tanks. "

"So much economic benefit from the sale of special equipment not, — Admitted Varlamov. — But there is another side to the matter. Sales of construction equipment are beneficial to us politically, "image" plan. These transactions — the way to the conclusion of large contracts. Therefore, to evaluate the work in the sales ad using completely different criteria. "

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