The volume of Russian river passenger and cargo traffic increased for the year

During 11 months of 2012, Inland transported 139.9 million tons (111.5% compared to 2011 figures). In particular, in the Far North and equated to such localities imported 20 million tons, accounting for 103.1% compared to the previous year. More than 25% increased transportation of bulk cargoes. Despite this growth, the dry cargo amounted to 83% of the total. Approximately 60% of the increased transport of goods in foreign traffic. Virtually all the pools there was an increase of cargo inland waterway transport. Turnover increased by 33.2% to 78,492 million tonne-kilometers. Over the past year in all kinds of messages carried nearly 13.5 million passengers (96.6% compared to 2011). Passenger turnover was 635.6 million passenger-kilometers (93.6% of the performance of last year). In the river ports of Russia for 11 months in 2012 handled 183.1 million tons (100.7% compared to 2011 figures). Including dry cargo handled 170.7 million tons of liquid bulk cargo — 12.4 million tons (100.9% and 98% compared to 2011, respectively). The share of construction materials in the total amount of recycled goods accounted for 79%. Recycling domestic cargo remained on the same level as last year — 168 million tons, exports amounted to 14.6 million tons (107.6% by 2011), import — 0.5 million tons (138.5% yoy). The growth of cargo handling in river ports observed in most of the basins of inland waterways of Russia.

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