The volume of uranium in the United States, TENEX grew in 2011 by 7.3%

The volume of supply of uranium to the United States "TENEX" this year rose by 7.3% compared with the previous year to more than $ 1 billion, said CEO Alexei Grigoriev: — "Value of supplies made for the first time in the history of the HEU , about 1.01 billion, which is 7.3% more than in 2010. "


The agreement between the governments of Russia and the United States on the use of uranium extracted from nuclear weapons (HEU-LEU enriched uranium — low enriched uranium) was concluded in 1993.
In 2011 the contract of "Tehsnabksport" and USEC corporation under the HEU-LEU shipped about 834 tons of LEU.
According to the company, the agreement made by 88% of the total planned volume of 20-year-old program.
According to preliminary estimates, total revenues under the agreement, taking into account the forthcoming before the end of 2013 the supply of LEU Russian income from the sale of the whole program could reach $ 17 billion, and the amount to be transferred to the budget of foreign exchange earnings — more than 13 billion dollars, said Grigoriev.
JSC "TENEX" — a company of state corporation "Rosatom", 100% of the shares belong to JSC "Atomenergoprom". The company supplies uranium products, providing more than 40% of the world’s needs for uranium enrichment services for nuclear power plants with reactors of Western design in the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific.
The company traces its history back to 1963, when on the basis of association "Mashinoexport" of the Ministry of Foreign Trade was established Union office "TENEX".

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