The Voronezh aircraft factory started production of composite materials

Alexei Gordeev, Mikhail Pogosyan, and General Director of JSC "VASO" Vitaly Zubarev visited the factory production and technical complex "Aviakompozit." Here, in the presence of their line was launched impregnation prepregs (composite materials, semi-finished products) Italian company COSTA.


The new equipment will allow the company to reach the targets in the serial production of parts made of composite materials and significantly reduce the cost of their production. Composites and products, manufactured today VASO are used in the production of An-148 aircraft and components for Sukhoi SuperJet 100 and Airbus.

"I believe that at the VACO have a good base for development as Voronezh, and in the whole of the Russian aircraft — deservedly praised what he saw Mikhail Pogosyan. — This is related to the projects that are currently underway. Thus, the plant must make two IL-96 for the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. The company has mastered this direction, and I hope that there are some prospects. There are other important projects. And I think that the technological capabilities of VACO will implement them. All the more so now here introduced new equipment that displays the state of the art level. "

Then, in the regional government held a meeting of one of the main themes of which were non-core assets VASO. We are talking about objects such as health center, Palace of Culture, a sports club and stadium. Some of them are now rented, and some — can not be fully exploited due to poor condition. The question is how to dispose of this infrastructure. As the governor noted, in this regard, the parties have a mutual understanding: "The interest we have in this sense is the same, — he said. — I would like to thank the company for what it shows is a social responsibility. We must make sure that the objects were not loaded on the production, the plant and in general, the KLA. But at the same time, the whole infrastructure has to work for the people and ensure the provision of services. It is necessary to take on the city and the region. And in this sense we have agreed on a plan of joint action. Social facilities will serve Voronezh residents. "

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