The water temperature in the North East of the continental shelf has reached a record high

The water temperature in the North East of the continental shelf has reached a record high of Scientists prove

In the first six months of 2012 the sea surface temperature in the large marine ecosystems of the North-eastern shelf, situated between the Gulf of Maine and Cape Hatteras, rose to a record high. In all parts of the ecosystem from the bottom of the ocean to the surface of the observed values above the norm, the shelf area on the border with the Gulf Stream temperature increase was even more pronounced.

Flowering Time / reproduction of plankton in 2012 started earlier, was much more intense the previous years and the average is longer. This fact could not affect the character of the marine life, such as Atlantic cod was to migrate further north of its usual habitat. Biological clocks of many other species are also on the verge of modifications due to changes in the life cycle of the plankton, and some of them have already retired deep ocean, where the water is not as warm as in the offshore zone.
Thus, the average surface temperature of the water ecosystem in the first half of this year has exceeded 10,5 ° C, which broke the record set in 1951, the year. Normal rate, fixed for about three decades in a row, is 9 ° C. Measurements are based on satellite observations and data collected from moored ships. Start of data collection refers to the 1854-th year.
It is noteworthy that in the vicinity of Delaware and Shakespeare Basil temperature exceeded the average by more than 6 ° C on the surface of the water, and 5 ° at the bottom of the ocean. In the Gulf of Maine grew by 1-2 ° C. Since then (2001), was launched as a special measuring system of the fence of the temperature of water in the bottom of the sea, the temperature indicators relating to 2012, showed the highest values.
Home study of the state large marine ecosystem of the North-eastern shelf began in 1977, is actively going on in 1987, in the 1990s interest in several dropped and resumed today. During this time, scientists have a huge amount of evidence that the oceanic change orders, and people only remains that keep a close watch and start to get used to the new.

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