The white dwarf in the center of a supernova

The white dwarf in the center of a supernova Facts

August 24, 2011 California astronomers have found a supernova explosion in the process, since the start of which was only 11 hours. 2011fe supernova is 25 million light-years away in one of the branches Pinwheel Galaxy (M101). This is the closest and brightest supernova at a specified distance. Now scientists know that led to the creation of SN 2011fe. It was a white dwarf with a high density and size as that of the Earth. Astronomers also have detailed photos of explosion and the birth of stars. Study published in the journal "Nature."

Fig. Pinwheel Galaxy (M101) before the supernova explosion, right — at the peak brightness of the supernova ..

This object is of a type Ia explosion and can be used to measure the extent of expansion of the universe and study the nature of the cosmos. According to Sri Kulka, California Institute of Technology astronomer (CalTech), studying a supernova, SN2011fe like a star Rosetta Stone type Ia.

To search for supernovae team from California uses an automatic system called the Palomar Transient device (PTF), a kind of innovative dvuhteleskopny approach to the systematic study of the unstable sky. That is what the astronomers were able to send his telescope to SN2011fe immediately after the explosion, helped determine that a supernova contains a white dwarf, and probably the main sequence stars (in the main phase of his life.)

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