The winners of the international children’s festivals and competitions.

57 Dnepropetrovsk groups and pupils of schools of aesthetic education soloists this year are winners of international competitions and festivals.


This was during a press conference, said Head of Culture and Arts of Dnipropetrovsk city council Galina Siverskaya.

"Only in these competitions and festivals attended by 85 of our teams and student soloists. The most important victory was — I prize pupil of the school of classical dance Xenia Ruthenians in the International Competition of Classical Dance "Crystal Shoe" in Kharkov, I place the theater group "Magicians" at the International festival "Slavic crown" in Bulgaria, and I place on the vocal competition "Christmas Lights Hungary ", — said Galina Siverskaya.

At the initiative of the Department of Culture and Arts of Dnipropetrovsk City Council held annually in Dnepropetrovsk city art professional competitions. In particular, the competition Ukrainian Music. Andrew Shtogarenko, Ukrainian contests Singers. Boris Hmyria and Accordion them. Nicholas Rizol and competition "Musical Rainbow". In the latter was attended by over 400 students, soloists, 248 of them were winners. Also, about 300 young talents have become parties to provincial and regional competitions, 130 of them were victorious.

Galina Siverskaya noted that in almost all schools of aesthetic education to make repairs, and music schools provided with tools, so Dnipropetrovsk schools are waiting for new talent.

Help. In Dnepropetrovsk are 17 music, art 2, 2 School of Arts and School of classical dance. Just visit them almost 8 million students. Most — more than 6,650 are enrolled in schools of music and art schools. One of the areas of schools of aesthetic education is the professional orientation of students: preparing gifted graduates for admission to higher educational institutions of art I-II level of accreditation. During the last academic year at universities received 72 student of music and arts schools.

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