The woman believes that her ghost house settled



The frightened mother needs a new home for her and her child, because she is convinced that in their house with terraces haunted by a ghost of a man named Nigel.

Stacey McGill argues that the presence of a ghost is expressed on and off the light, by manipulating the electrical appliances, move the paintings on the walls, and the creak of the floorboards in her home in Loughborough.

29-year-old woman who had moved into the house in December last year with his 25-year-old partner of Carl and their 18-month-old daughter Chelsea says that she hired to investigate the medium, which confirmed the presence in their home "male energy."

An expert on the paranormal cases Uikers Dave said that he was able to make contact with a ghost living in the house of McGill and told me that a man named Nigel and he died when he was about forty.

"We came back from the shop yesterday and when I went to cook porridge daughter, the light came on by itself, no one touched the switch. This is so unnerving. I noticed that this house is not something that almost as soon as we moved. I felt that entangles the web as if my whole body. But I attribute it to fatigue and nervous exhaustion, which caused the move. But later, Carl told me that he felt the same way. Later microwave start off by itself, and paintings on the walls move . One morning we woke up at 3 am to the sound of repair work. It was so loud, but no working men, we have not seen, it was a ghost, "- says McGill.

In the end, McGill decided to contact the Vickers, who has since had twice visited her home and spent the shoot using a special camera and measured the electromagnetic field.

"On the basis of tests Vickers confirmed that live in the house ghost. Previously, we lived in an apartment in the house next door and we have not had any problems. I just want to Housing Association has provided us with another apartment. As far as I know, the last tenant did not experienced, but some people are more sensitive to ghosts than others "- says McGill.

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