The work of officials in Moscow is optimized by new technologies

Electronic complaints Muscovites will now be considered within 8 working days instead of 30


Electronic Muscovites complaints received by the authorities of the capital city through interactive portals and mobile applications will be dealt with more quickly, within 8 working days. The relevant regulations for handling complaints, the City approved, reports the press service of the Department of Information Technology in Moscow.

On a meaningful response to the email circulation executive authorities of the city took 8 working days instead of 30 days according to the law "On the order of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation." As the term is limited to filing a complaint — not more than a day on regular days and 72 hours — during the holidays.

In addition, more stringent requirements of government agencies to the answers. They should be informative and easy to understand: it is forbidden to use the abundant references to regulations and complex abbreviations. Officials will not be able to answer the pattern — the text of a new comment must be unique for at least 50%.

According to the press service of the department, moderation requests and responses of government agencies will Unified edition. After receiving a message from the user, Unified editing can send it to the relevant agencies or supervisory body. User will notify the fate of his complaint by e-mail and through personal study "Mobile reception."

Any complaint under the rules of the online portal and mobile reception, published in the open access and made available to other users.

A new mechanism for working with electronic complaints have already passed the portal of "Our Town" / /, app for iOS, Android and WP4 "Mobile Reception" and the portal of the "Roads of Moscow" / /, resume accepting applications on pit road and substandard cleaning the streets.

Application "Mobile Reception" established over 17 thousand Muscovites. One in three of them, according to the Department and is an active user of the service.

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