The world’s first liligrenok was born in Novosibirsk Zoo

When the pride and beauty of the Novosibirsk zoo ligritsa Zita became pregnant by a lion Sam, zoologists began to quietly pray. Of course! Zita herself — a miracle of nature, the forbidden fruit of love tiger and a lion. Who would have thought that this hybrid will give offspring. Moreover, a girl who can further continue this unusual race. Born pipsqueak, called Chiari malformation, according to employees of the zoo — the world’s liligr — that is a cross between a lion and Leagrove.





— It is believed that Ligers are sterile-boys and girls-Leagrove have a chance to give birth, which is what happened with our Zita — smiling Rose Solovyov, head of the cat section of the Novosibirsk Zoo. — Same story with liligrami. Boys — barren, and the girls have a chance to give birth, however, very small: 10 percent, because the nature of these animals does not happen.

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