The world’s only made a slight flip bulldozer bulldozer CHETRA T9

Easy bulldozer CHETRA confirmed the reliability and quality of Russian art in unusual circumstances. At the demonstration site "Promtractor" in the framework of the Russian tractor show "CHETRA" premiered unique trick.

In the public eye specialists "Tractor plants" implemented technically complex and have never perform anywhere in the world trick. For the first time in the history of tractor dozer easy CHETRA T9 with three heavy pipelaying CHETRA TG511 successfully performed a somersault in the air.
Thanks to the precise calculation of designers and teamwork operators, bulldozer CHETRA turned on its axis, and after — carefully and easily stood up to the tracks, wound up and went, confirming the reliability and quality of Russian equipment CHETRA in substandard conditions.
The world’s only flip bulldozer already stated in the Guinness Book of Records.

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