The world’s second producer of automotive glass opens plant in Russia

On Saturday (September 7) in Kalugaofficially opens plant to produce automotive glass of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass — ChineseFuyao Glass Industry Group, which only in China, more than 10 plants. The group previously only imported glass in Russia.

Construction of a factory Fuyao Kaluga began about two years ago. Capacity of the first stage will be one million sets of automotive glass, in the future, within two years she will be tripled, said today at a conference "Sheets "in Kaluga "AvtoEvolyutsiya 2013 "CEO "Fuyao Glass Rus" WEn Chutsin.
According to her, the general
investment in the projectabout 300 million euros.


President Fuyao Glass Industry Group  CaoDevasaid that the decision to build a plant in Kaluga, he took back in 2001, but the design phase was delayed. He noted that the company may also consider the possibility of organizing production in Russia alsofloat-glass.

Around two thirds of autoglass, produced Fuyao in Russia, will be exported to countries in Europe, Third — sold on the local market, said Dewa. The main buyer in Russia will be the groupVolksvagen, he explained. The Russian plant the German automaker is also in Kaluga. In addition, the group has a contract manufacturing in Nizhny Novgorodon the site GAZ.
In 2012 the total production of vehicles VWamounted to more than 180,000 units.

Now in production in Russia is only used imported vehicle glass, supplies are coming from China and European countries, said "Vedomosti "Acting plant manager VWKaluga Andreas Klar. Therefore, the company has a strong interest in co-operation with the Russian company, he said. To what extent and for what models will be purchased by the glass at the new company Fuyao, he did not disclose. This will depend on including the price, but because of the localization of production logistics costs must be reduced, said Clark.

The main risk of the project Fuyao in Russia — reducing vehicle market, both European and Russian, says CEO "Avtostat" Sergei entirely. According to the Association of European Businesses, the domestic market declined for 7 months in 2013 to 6%. To download the Russian factory of the Chinese company will have to win share from other players, says a whole.

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