Theatre Centre Arkady Raikin opened in Moscow


This is one of the capital’s theater protracted. In 2002, the city entered into an investment contract with the company of a prominent businessman and politician, but further excavation did not get. In 2008, the building was "frozen", the work was resumed only in 2011.

As the correspondent of "RG" Acting deputy mayor for urban policy and the construction of Marat Khusnullin was revised investment contracts and found a new contractor. Having invested in the end 2,000,000,000 rubles for two years, he added onto center stage.


Raikina center — is the highest theatrical institution. According to the artistic director of "Satyricon" Konstantin Raikin, the first year recruited 30 students who will study for free, and four years later become professional actors. In total applicants was almost 7,000.

"Were selected solely on talent," — said Raikin.

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