Theft of metal — a lucrative business in Germany

Manhole covers and grates from sumps, drain pipes, rails, wires and even sculptures — thieves do not shun anything. Metal prices, especially color, are growing steadily, and with them, and profit.

In the city of Darmstadt, thieves stole the gutters and downspouts from the building of the museum. And at the same time snatched 200 kilograms of copper sheet of prepared for repair. What museum in the city of Plauen robbers did not spare even the Church: she too had lost a copper gutter. In the town of Moers hunters systematically tearing metal bronze vases and lamps, in the local cemetery desecrated 180 graves.

Statue of "Pandora" by Edwin Scharff disappeared from the park in Dusseldorf

In Dusseldorf disappeared from the park bronze sculpture of "Pandora" in Darmstadt — shepherd with a pipe. The police assumes that the thieves are not attracted the artistic value of the works of art and the cost of the material from which they are made. Per kilogram of copper today pay about 5 euros per kilogram bronze — about 3.

The train stood in broad fields

Last year, only on the railways in Germany were about three thousand cases of theft of metals — from the rails to the signal wires. The total damage — 15 million euros, not including the cost of repairs and compensation to passengers. Even more, however, the loss of reputation for the German Railway (Deutsche Bahn).

ContextCSI: Campus

For fans of action-packed detective campus — a boring place: usually criminals specialize in vandalism and theft. And yet, is it safe for the German campuses?

Do not laugh, the court is coming! Funny stories of labor law

If an employer is prohibited to paint her nails, wearing wigs, watch football, receive subsidies for "Viagra" can comply. Employees of German companies have gone the other way. And this is what came of it. (08.02.2012)

Last year, 11,000 trains arrived at their destination late. Leaders Deutsche Bahn has estimated that 2.5 thousand hours of delays — a consequence of theft of metal. Jens-Oliver Foz (Jens-Oliver Vo?), The head of security concern, however, insists that security threats passengers were not. In such cases, an alarm is a red signal, and all trains stop.

Germany’s largest telecommunications concern Deutsche Telekom assesses damage from theft cable to 820,000 euros per year. In total last year was recorded 320 such cases.

It would seem that the seeds for the global multi-billion dollar concern. But Deutsche Telekom spokesman Philipp Blank (Philipp Blank) indicates that the damage to the reputation of concern due to problems with communication, much higher.

Joined forces against metal thieves

The railway network group Deutsche Bahn in Germany — 34,000 kilometers. They guard the 3,700 employees of the security services. Some parts of the night patrol helicopters with night vision devices. Deutsche Bahn for several years now uses a special spray to mark a particularly tempting for thieves objects. With it you can easily install the metal — stolen.

Employees of Deutsche Bahn apply a special spray

Now, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, RWE Energy Group and the Association of steel trading companies decided to work together to deal with the criminals. Why Business Combinations metal trade? It would seem that these traders and earn buying stolen goods? But they themselves are a risk group. Executive Director of the Ralph Schmitz (Ralf Schmitz) gives an example: the criminals in broad daylight tied employees of a company, all the copper loaded on trucks and … vanish, as he was called.

The purpose of the new union — to deprive thieves markets. Scrap metal dealers have stricter control his proposed product and immediately inform the police of suspicious cases. Will it result — doubtful. Police suggests that much of the stolen metal is taken out by organized gangs in Eastern Europe, or by sea to Asia.

Stealing — remember the safety

Someone scared of thieves, and they do not have time to remove the copper roof with a chapel at the cemetery

But clearly not all thieves are well organized and technically robust. For example, in Dusseldorf novice criminals decided to steal a bucket of the excavator. Drove a car with a trailer. But do not take into account that the capacity of trailer for a passenger car is only 250 pounds, and good bucket weighs a ton. In the morning the police found a bucket on the trailer collapsed.

Even more stupid was a young man from Hamburg. He obviously missed all the lessons in the school of physics. If you try to cut the cable transmission line, he got an electric shock voltage of several thousand volts. At the hospital, an attacker could hardly pumped. The police did not even bother to open a criminal case, deciding that the lesson was sensitive enough. And just two weeks later, the young man again caught in the act. This time he was to appear in court.

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