Their customs-28 (2 — 16 September)

September 3. California resident Joey Chestnut, nicknamed Jaws regained the title of the champion on eating chicken wings, absorbing 12 minutes 191 wing.

September 3. At least 26 police officers injured in clashes between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland's capital Belfast

September 4. In the center of Helsinki, the man opened fire at the restaurant and killed a man.

September 4. In Germany: flight attendants went on strike in hopes of raising salaries because of what canceled hundreds of flights and Lufthansa has lost millions of euros.

September 4. Forest fires raging in the Los Angeles area, have led to the evacuation of hundreds of people.

September 5. In Croatia to 18 days in jail sentenced Bulgarian citizen who was trying to take out found at one of the local beaches shell. When he and his companion were trying to cross the border of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the border guards accused them of trying to take out a rare specimen shells. Held court sentenced the tourists to a fine of 900 euros, but the kind of money they had with them was not. As a result, a judge ordered a man sentenced to 18 days in jail. At the same girl left at liberty.

September 6. In the French Alps massacre took place next to Lake Annecy, which rest on the shore every year hundreds of thousands of British tourists. The corpses of the driver and his two passengers were found in the car BMW, and the wounded were lying next to an 8-year-old girl and killed a cyclist. Land near the car was littered with spent cartridges.

September 6. School bus collided with a truck in the U.S. state of Nebraska. Four children from 6 to 10 years old were hospitalized.

September 6. In the Estonian newspaper Eesti Ekspress published a photograph with emaciated prisoners of Buchenwald and the inscription: «Eins, zwei, drei … Diet Pills Dr. Mengele did to you a miracle." And the signature — "In Buchenwald was not a single thick!"

In Rome, September 7 light aircraft crashed two people were killed.

September 8. In the U.S., already recorded three fatal cases of infection with a rare lung disease — Hantavirus. Vectors of contagion — the mouse, and now the authorities claim that may be potentially contaminated 22,000 thousand people, with 2.5 thousand have fled the United States.

September 8. Walking board Louise Ciccone supported Obama inscription on the back

September 10. Hundreds of men working steel company Alcoa came to the building of the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy to protest against the decision to close the plant on a Sardinia. When they realized that the minister will come to them, riots broke out. Suffered 14 law enforcement officers. On the part of the demonstrators are two victims.

September 10. About 26,000 Chicago teachers went on strike. Classes suspended in 350 thousand students. Teachers are not able to agree with the authorities of questions about salary and medical support. In addition, teachers are opposed to being introduced Chicago Mayor of the new system to assess their activities in which teachers' salaries will depend on the performance of schoolchildren.

September 11. In France, the detained former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin. He must give an explanation about his involvement in the scandal around a group of Relais & Chateaux. We are talking about fraud chapter of the association, which is a good friend of de Villepin.

September 11. 1.5 million Catalans marched through Barcelona to demand independence from Spain.

September 12. Washington State Police is investigating the case of abuse of a dumping ground for war veterans cemetery Evergreen Washelli, after the emergence of the Internet several similar photos:

September 13. In the New York subway 25-year-old Dean St. Fleur was attacked with a knife on passengers: at least three victims.

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