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With great interest the guests from Uzbekistan visited preparing to manufacture tractor models Altai tractor-union — T-5.01 and A-600. The chief designer of Entity B. Fetisov briefed delegates from Uzbekistan with the specifications issued and promising models and talked about plans to upgrade production models of tractors.
— Altai tractors are among the most popular of our farmers — shared his opinion L. Eysmont. — Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Altai Tractor Plant in Uzbekistan annually delivering thousands of arable tractors T-4A. This tractor is designed specifically for Central Asia, has a number of undoubted advantages over other models of tracked and wheeled vehicles. First of all, ease of use, high maintainability, good stability and low ground pressure. Our machine operators are well aware of this machine and trust it. Today, the fields of Uzbekistan, operating more than 12 thousand Altai tractors. And so in our country remained an extensive network of enterprises for repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery, focused on the repair of Altai Engineering.

This positive news would not be complete without one more important fact — namely, in 2009, of "ALTTRAK" started out of the deep crisis and virtual bankruptcy. Only in 2010 the leadership of the company was paid back wages to workers. That’s just such conditions, plant workers have developed the project and formed a new tractor A-600, based at the machine T-250, which has no analogues in the world. Now the prototype is in Uzbekistan. If it is approved, the company will begin production of the whole lot of these products.
Import analog Altai Tractor A-600 is the production Challenger MT800B tractor Caterpillar Inc. (United States)
No doubt, but the level of comfort is superior Challenger A-600. However, this is the only such circumstance. For technical specifications are almost identical, and on the key indicator — the ratio of price and quality is far superior to the domestic tractor western competitor. Judge for yourself.
The cost of the A-600 is planned from 4 million rubles. to 4.8 million rubles.
Cost Challenger MT800B of 10 million rubles. up to 13 million rubles.

A-600 Altai Company


Challenger MT800B American Caterpillar Inc.


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