There are the first photos of promising Russian armored personnel

  • APC Boomerang
  • APC Boomerang

The first photos of prospective ROC "Boomerang" in anticipation of the exhibition RAE 2013. The project is a modular armored personnel carriers (APCs). Development of a modular armored "Boomerang" on the basis of the average wheel unified platform commissioned by the Ministry of Defense of Russian BTR-90 instead of mid-2011
The development is the Military-Industrial Company together with the Arzamas Machine-Building Plant.

On the basis of the new APC by replacing the module will create a SAM launcher, reconnaissance vehicle, ambulance, car anti-tank systems, infantry fighting vehicles in the wheel version. At the beginning of 2011 in a press release stated that the development of a prototype to be completed by 2015, but 21.02.2012, the commander of Russian land forces, said that the first samples will go to the army in 2013, and the massive supply will begin in 2015

Some versions of the armored personnel will be able to swim well. By placing the engine in the front, a motorized infantry branch will be able to dismount towards the stern. To improve the survey will be used television cameras at the disposal of the crew goes thermal imaging devices.

In an armored personnel carrier, the "Boomerang" is likely to be a desert, isolated from the troop compartment of combat unit with a 30-mm gun, machine gun, automatic grenade launcher and missiles "Cornet".

It can be assumed that there will be more heavily armed and options, including caliber guns and 125-mm.

In order to have high mobility armored vehicle, it needs the engine capacity of at least 500-600 hp, and possibly more. APC will have a long service life and will be much easier to maintain.

The first public demonstration of "Boomerang" will be held at the exhibition in Nizhniy Tagil, September 25, 2013. This was widely reported in the media, as well as about expected demonstrations at the show BMP "Kurganets-25? with the state of the tank "Armata". The primary source:

Supplement:As it turned out, this is not a boomerang, and the Franco-Russian technology demonstrator

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