There is a city in Siberia Muravlenko

History is replete with examples of the USSR, when in place of the steppe, taiga and swamps in a few years grew the modern city with a developed infrastructure, which became the first inhabitants of the workers and builders, who came on Komsomol conquer the vast expanses of the country and also one of them is a city in the Yamal Muravlenko -Nenets Autonomous District.

His birth city Muravlenko must Muravlenskoye commercial development of oil fields, the first of which was opened Sutorminskoye — one of the largest in Western Siberia. Exploration well R-31, drilled 30 August 1975, the fountain dry oil heralded a new stage in the life of this land.

General plan of the village, which was named the head "Glavtyumenneftegaza" Victor Muravlenko, was approved in April 1982, and after several months of construction work began here. Deliver into the taiga construction machinery, equipment and building materials was extremely difficult for comfortable road was a dream. Stokilometrovy way from the November took 12 hours and roads as they do not already have (now cities are linked by road Salekhard Surgut). Meanwhile, the construction of the village was carried out rapidly at the expense of the production association "NNG". In 1984 was formed Muravlenkovsky village council in the city Noyabr’sk. In 1990 Muravlenkovsky was removed from the Noyabr’sk. Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR adopted a decision on awarding the settlement status of district subordination, but now the city is considered to be the younger brother of Noyabr’sk. By this time there were built four schools and the stadium opened several kindergartens, public transport arranged work. Came the first movie theater, own Palace of Culture "Ukraine", several cafes, a number of grocery and department store, as well as the efforts of local enthusiasts established eco-museum.

Today Muravlenko reside around 37,000 people. The company "Muravlenkovskneft" (branch of JSC "Gazprom Neft — NNG"), as it was 20 years ago, is the city main — Today the company employs nearly 3,000 people, serving more than 4 thousand oil wells. Annual production of oil and gas in the company of more than 10 million tons. In addition, in 2010, at Muravlenko field began producing gas. With the commissioning of the gas field Muravlenkovskoye branch "Muravlenkovskneft" has acquired the status of oil and gas companies. More than 3 cubic meters of gas MWP replenish treasury businesses annually. It is now obvious that the city Muravlenko different from their northern counterparts: he has his own face, its own special flavor, which gives it, for example, the original decision of the color of the facades of houses on Lenin Street. Diversity in urban architecture of the building make young technicians, registrar, orthodox church, mosque.

Business Incubator Lenin Street The temple and the mosque City Administration College

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