There is a new technology of treatment of skin defects based on a laser device Yahroma-Med.

In dermatology, cosmetic surgery and vascular lasers have long been used for the removal of vascular lesions of the skin. But many types of lasers at work on the vessels have low electoral power. For this reason, heat the surrounding tissue. This disadvantage can be avoided if optimum use lasers for selective exposure wavelengths.


Scientists Physical Institute. PN Lebedev Physical Institute developed a yellow laser for medical device "Yahroma-Med" to remove skin blemishes, which has been successfully used in cosmetics and dermatology. The laser is made on the basis of a sealed laser tube of copper vapor.

Feature of the yellow laser is the fact that in the yellow region of the spectrum, the maximum absorption of hemoglobin — a component of blood that is in different vascular formations. If the defect is exposed to the vascular short laser pulses yellow, then only the area to be heated of the defect and the surrounding tissue will not be affected. Thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of side effects after such procedures.


The creators of "Yahroma-Med" has achieved the reliability of the instrument and record the resource by global standards of the laser tube. The laser tube requires no regular maintenance, its replacement is done only once a year, and the procedure replacement — no more complicated replacement bulbs household lighting.

Using the improved scanner possible to achieve higher values of leather processing speed, precision and other characteristics. The scanner monitors the processing of the patient’s skin and allows the laser to cut dozens of times during procedures (see a video demonstration of the scanner The design of the scanner provides ergonomic device and process stability processing defects of the skin.

Today, the Russian state and private clinics and abroad more than a hundred units "Yahroma-Med." According to project leader Igor Ponomarev, qualified professional who is going to use a laser to treat patients who require high initially — not every doctor can give the device in hand. The same skin defect can be removed and at low energy, and energy is more than 10 times. In one case, the skin will be smooth, and in the other case — the wound and the crater. Physicists working in close collaboration with health professionals who conduct scientific research in the field of laser surgery, developing and improving the technology of treatment. Specialized skills to operate the instrument become doctors in major academic medical centers, for example, in St. Petersburg Medical Academy. Mechnikov and SMU.

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