There was a long-term program of study of the subsoil


Geologist Day this year will celebrate again. Event planned for October, which are awaiting industry professionals. The new corporation "Rosgeologiya," which will bring together 37 national geological enterprises, plans to start work in October.

Strategic industry receives government orders and capital funding. The long-term program of study of subsoil, compiled by the Ministry of Natural Resources, assumes an annual investment of the federal budget and extra-budgetary sources — at 200 billion rubles.

The government regains control of the practice of geology as timely. Search reserve, created mainly in the USSR, in many kinds of mineral resources may be exhausted in the near future, experts say. The volume of exploration work over the past 20 years was reduced by some estimates, three times. Were curtailed study of ore reserves were reduced to a minimum expedition abroad, and a unique super-deep well on the Kola Peninsula, which had a global scientific value, first frozen and then eliminated.

The idea of the revival of the industry belongs to Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin and immediately received approval in principle Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. In July, decided to create a state corporation "Rosgeologiya." It will include 37 enterprises: research and production associations, research institutes, expert organizations.

State leadership will return the scale and systematic exploration, facilitate access to foreign projects, generate demand for highly qualified personnel. CEO Sergey Donskoy formulates its function very clearly: "to the entire territory of Russia and adjacent waters were evenly secured exploration works in an amount necessary to maintain the proper level of geological knowledge of the country." Private shops, exploiting the achievements of Soviet science, such a task can not do.

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