Thick fog UAE has killed two people

Thick fog UAE has killed two people Weather and Climate

1 Morning fog on a road in Dubai.

2 Plug near Safa Park.

3 Fog closes skyline of Dubai.

4 car after the accident, which occurred in the sands of Ras Al Khaimah.

5 Roads in the fog in the Sharia.

6 View of the mist covered by Dubai Jumeirah beach.

7 Fog in Sharia.

Several cities in the UAE are in the power of mist. Visibility on the roads of Dubai's largest city has dropped to a few meters because of thick fog that engulfed the metropolis. In Abu Dhabi, due to severe weather conditions on the same stretch of road accident involving 16 cars. Fortunately, all survived, escaped with minor injuries. Later there was another 5 accidents, injured 15 people.

Accident on the road Al-Liwa ended not so well: the fog machine and turned it killed a person. As a result of another accident poib second citizen of the UAE, according to the newspaper Gulf Today. Due to the exceptional nebula suffers Sharya. So many bus services between Dubai and Sharey was delayed for more than an hour. Private car trips for security also had to be postponed. In Dubai airport due to fog 50 flights did not take place.

As said meteorologists because of moisture mist in the Emirates will last all day, low visibility to continue in the dark. In Sharia, it is less than 100 meters in Dubai will recover up to 300 m and 500 m in Abu Dhabi. Here and there, the fog will last and the next day. It is also expected a sharp temperature drop from +38 ° C to +25 ° C.
How to behave while driving in the fog:
• Enable fog lights, not to use the emergency lights.
• If you need to use the head-lights, avoid high beam mode.
• Reduce the speed, try to keep the speed below the specified speed limit on the road.
• Observe safe distance on the road.
• Refuse to travel and park the car on the roadside, if visibility close to the critical point.

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