Thick: The Board did not consider the opinion of clubs first and second divisions

At today’s meeting of the executive committee of the RFU president PFL Nikolai Tolstoy, following the decision by the Board of the organization, and based on the position expressed by an absolute majority of football clubs — members of the Association of Professional Football League, voted against the structure of the all-Russian competitions involving the transition to a system of "Autumn Spring" in 2012. In an interview with the official website of the PFL Fat deplored the fact that the Executive Committee approved the adoption.

"Unfortunately, the appeal to the Executive Committee of the Association of Professional Football League RFU clubs to consider the opinion of the first and second divisions, representing the 54 regions of the country, fell on deaf ears of the members of the executive committee. The results of today’s meeting we will discuss at the next board of the league and take the appropriate decision, "- said Tolstoy.

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