Third An-148 Voronezh production landed in Irkutsk

At the airport of Irkutsk landed the third aircraft An-148-100E manufactured by JSC "VASO" for the airline, "Angara". The airliner was handed over to "Angara" in the framework of the signed in March 2012, a contract between an aircraft factory (part of JSC "UAC"), airline and leasing company "Ilyushin Finance Co.." 

The last of the three contracted this year’s production of the Voronezh aircraft carried out a non-stop flight to the airport of Irkutsk city on December 15. "The flight went without refueling in 6 hours and 10 minutes," — said the director of the An-148 "VASO" Igor Abramov.

Thus, the Voronezh aircraft factory on the other hand has fulfilled all the conditions of the contract provided for 2012. 

  • The first flight of AN-148, delivered on lease under the program "Modernization of regional aircraft. airport" Irkutsk "(30 October 2012)

"It is important that we managed to pass the third aircraft prior to the operation of our aircraft, which is scheduled for the 20th of December — said General Director of JSC" VASO "Vitaly Zubarev. 
Airline "Angara" Voronezh plans to use the An-148-100E for flights within Russia — Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Chita and abroad — in China, Japan, Korea. 

For flights on the An-148-100E prepared ten crews that went simulator and classroom training.

An -148 — short-haul passenger aircraft, designed to carry 68 to 85 passengers. Depending on the modification of the An-148-100 can no intermediate landings to fly a range of two to five thousand kilometers, adapted to fit on unpaved airfields. Cruising speed of 800-870 km / h. At present JSC "VASO" completes the assembly of the 15th car of this type.
"VASO" — a major industrial and innovative center of the Central Black Earth region of Russia. The company was founded in 1932. Part of the United Aircraft Corporation (JSC "UAC"). Produces a wide-body aircraft IL-96-300, Il-96-400T, short-haul aircraft An-148. In the framework of cooperation VASO continues to manufacture components and assemblies for domestic aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet 100, the European consortium Airbus, An-148/An-158 Ukrainian assembly, Il-476. 
JSC "UAC" was established in accordance with the presidential decree of February 20, 2006 № 140 "On Joint Stock Company" United Aircraft Corporation ". In JSC "UAC" includes the following entities: JSC "Aviation Holding Company" Sukhoi "JSC" Corporation "Irkut" JSC "Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association. YA Gagarin ", JSC" UAC — Transport Aircraft "JSC" Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft Building Plant "SOKOL" JSC "Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association named. VP Chkalov "JSC" Tupolev "JSC" Ilyushin Finance Co.. "JSC" Finance Leasing Company "," Aviastar-SP "JSC" VASO "JSC" RAC "MiG", OAO "CAPO them. Gorbunov ", OAO" EMZ them. Myashishev. "

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