This is also done in Russia …


Thus, a small obzorchik on yachts and boats produced at Russian shipyards.

Shipbuilding Company «FLAGSHIP»

Key events in the development of
2005 — formation of «FLAGSHIP».
2006 — a certificate of recognition by the Russian River Register.
2006 — Launching of the first yacht Excellent-34.
2006 — the first part in the Moscow International Boat-Show.
2007 — release of the yacht Favorite-34 created a new stylish design.
2007 — created a company in the United Arab Emirates FLAGSHIP FZE, a wholly owned subsidiary and branch on

2008 — participation in the international Boat-Show in Dubai, UAE.
2008 — moving production into new production facilities comfortable.
2009 — a new model, boats Coupe-28 — a stylish, elegant and comfortable ship.
2009 — participation in the international Boat-Show in Moscow.
2010 — participation in the international Boat-Show in Moscow with two models — restyled Favorite-34 and the new

Model Coupe-28.
2010 — Soupe-26, a new model in the development of
2011 — design and construction of the new model FLAGSHIP COUPE 40





Shipbuilding Company «Velvette Marine»


2007. Russia. At this time in Kazan young progressives are teaming producers

Velvette Marine, they do not want to become famous.

They represent the top priority for the company —
implement innovative projects, surpassing other manufacturers.

Their purpose is: to cause a stir around their boats.

With the creation of the brand Velvette organized our own design office and a professional team of developers boats. In the construction of new models of the company acquires independence from day one.

After three years of growing lineup to four models presented in the various market segments in the premium class.

There is a family of three — Image, Euphoria and Envy.

Velvette moves the desire to become a leader in the manufacture of boats.
The company is committed to such a lineup that is not from other manufacturers.

Interest in technology and the ability to create something special gradually
paying off. Author’s own line in the design, bold and trendy image, the rapid appearance and drayverskoy spirit, recognizable in every model, allocate boats from the crowd, attract attention and create a special style inherent only boats Velvette.

Over the years, more and more people to become customers of the company and inspired by her ideas. The dealer network is actively growing.

The first line of production to 100 cases a year makes its way in 2008.

For the season 2011. active investment policy is bearing fruit, and the company has an own factory area of 3500 square meters. It is located in the suburb of Kazan on the territory of the land area of 25,000 square meters and meets all international requirements for the construction of boats premium.

Velvette Marine going through tough economic times and stiff competition, thanks to the perseverance of the company manages to stay among the leaders.

The basis for this success — high quality, performance and reliability.

Thus, the young Russian brand, promoting the lifestyle on the water, firmly occupies a niche boats of the class premium.





Shipbuilding Company «Laky Verf»

The company "Laky Verf", entered the market in 2005 with the concept of "quality yacht construction class" luxury "custom-made", is specialized in the production of motor yachts premium with an exclusive interior design.

The company is located on the territory of the NSSP and has its own production facilities.

In interior shop, which occupies an area of 2320 m2, product storage and preparation of wood, cabin layout, processing and final assembly of the yacht furniture.

Own furniture manufacturing allows the company to fulfill orders Laky Verf highest complexity. The interiors of luxury yachts used wood species:
mahogany, wenge, teak, cherry, American walnut. Soft handmade furniture is made of natural
leather and fabric collection of famous designers.

Everything you need to design the interior of the yacht — furniture accessories, fabrics, plumbing and decorative elements — meet the high quality requirements, which sets the company.

Based on the decisions of the interior of the base project, the designers "Laky Verf" independently modify it according to the wishes of customers.

Shop yacht building company "Laky Verf", which occupies 1900 m2, provides the whole range of activities:
electromechanical, painting, metalwork, piping and commissioning of the equipment and machinery.

Here, in constant communication with the production designer is a design office that has
specialized software and is equipped with all kinds of equipment to make processing technology projects and the development of documentation.

In 2009, completed construction of a large yacht building department, which today produces all the necessary work for the completion of yachts, including the installation of interior and paint work.

A distinctive feature of the Big shop is that its size (total area — 2500 m2) make it possible to conduct simultaneous construction of two buildings up to 75 meters.

Since the
company was built and delivered to customers six 23M Yacht Design, each of which has been successfully navigating the trials and has proven itself well.

The company does its best to ease the yacht: performs ship-management of the vessel transferred to the customer, as well as
provides a full range of repair and storage.

"Laky Verf" continues to develop and launch new projects into production.

In February 2009, construction began on the project 45M yacht. The company is currently preparing several new products.

24M — a classic and sophistication from one of the world leaders in the design of exclusive yachts, Dutch designer Guido de

25M and 32M — projects a modern and fast-paced yacht, the author of which — the designer of "Omega Architects" Frank Laupman.

The company "Laky Verf" follows the direction of yachts of high-quality construction to meet all functional requirements and to satisfy the most exacting taste in art.




Shipbuilding Company «Timmerman Yachts»

Timmerman Yachts — an international consortium for the construction of steel displacement motor yachts luxury, the main production facilities are located in Moscow.

Western partners of the project are the leading Dutch companies on the design displacement yachts: Vripack Yachting International, Guido de Groot Design and Ginton Naval Architects.

Lineup Timmerman Yachts Yacht projects are a series of semi-custom TM26, TM33, TM40, TM47, developed by a consortium of European partners.

The consortium enables its customers to get a motor yacht with unlimited navigation area with the highest utility value, with attractive compared to similar price and in a reasonable time.

Timmerman Yachts is one of 10 leading shipyards in length built yachts.

During the construction of each yacht for the most modern yacht technology and equipment.

In Cannes, the two projects of 33-Timmerman «Victoria M» and Timmerman 47 «Alexandra» — won World Yachts Trophies Award 2008 in the category of Best Development Award.











Shipbuilding Company «Hotchya Shipyard»

Hotchya Shipyard is one of the most well-known in Russia and abroad shipbuilding companies specializing in the design and manufacture of the ocean and sea motor yachts.

Extensive experience Hotchya Shipyard shipyard in the implementation of exclusive projects allows its customers to have at your disposal one of a kind vessel that embodies in its construction, equipment and decoration of the most advanced design and technology solutions.

In his work Hotchya Shipyard Shipyard combines the best experience of domestic shipbuilding with advanced Western technology and world-class design, allowing motor mega yachts shipyard in many positions outperform the best deals on the major European competitors.

Crucial advantages Hotchya Shipyard shipyard include knowledge of the needs of wealthy clients and is ready to implement the most burdensome tasks, allowing you to create elite transatlantic motor yachts, which have no analogues in the world.

The main services of the company Hotchya Shipyard includes:

design of yachts,
naval architecture;
technical equipment and construction under the constant supervision of the leading classification societies;
obtaining certificates of classification societies;
appropriation of the flag;
yacht registration;
legal support;
insurance services;
refitting yachts.


For the first time in the history of Festival International De La Plaisance De Cannes, which is one of the most famous boat show in the world, one of its major awards goes to Russia.

The winner of the contest «Yachts Trophy» this year in the category "Best Design custom to 40m", which was attended by the best shipyards and design offices in the world, has become a 35-meter yacht transatlantic GAYA, descended from the slipway yards Hotchya Shipyard.

As acknowledged by the prestigious jury, experts and professional boatbuilders, boat GAYA has become the highlight of the opening of the Cannes and this salon.

Among the 136 new products launched on the year from July 2006 to July. 2007, GAYA has demonstrated the best of what there is at the momen
t in the modern shipbuilding, from unique materials and equipment to the new technologies of sound insulation and perfect design, developed in collaboration with the design studio New Cruise.

Donald Starkey visited the yacht, which is one of the world’s guru and author of the famous yacht building gigayachts present, gave it a high rating, and called the project "a real breakthrough in the Russian market."

The result of the victory of the shipyard Hotchya Shipyard on «Yachts Trophy 2007" were the big contracts to build a marina project HS38.




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