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This is not the usual post-report or call Tugezy. This is an advertising post. 

Advertise respectful and dignified attitude of the NPF "Wing" Voronezh. 
As of Taganrog asked for help in the acquisition of Morcellators, we started looking for this wonderful instrument and did not expect that it is manufactured in Voronezh. 
Cautiously contacted, and immediately warned that we should not beg and buy the machine. Told the backstory. Did you expect any kind of reaction when buying operating in Kirov for the installation stripped 25000 p .. Do not expect just one.
Representatives of the firm "wing" reported that there were no problems, it’s a decent and proper. Moreover assume the transportation, installation and training. Would have presented, but the Russian manufacturer, unfortunately, not too spoiled finances, but the discount to help out. 
Workers NPF "Wing" if you are reading these lines. You have made a very important gift. You are shown how to apply to their work and their products. You have demonstrated an example of a respectful and honest relationship with the client, a clear and well-coordinated work, the ability to take responsibility for their words. 
Politics, elections, reforms are passed, but the more in Russia will be the likes of the faster things will get better in the country. Be sure to get better, the main act. 
Thank you, and all those who took part in the action. 121 people did not pass, and took part as far as possible, each of your contribution now makes anyone’s health. Thanks to doctors Taganrog for not afraid to take the initiative and patients received a long-awaited help. Thank you.

Action morcellator completed March 14, 2012.

The initiator of the project, a surgeon with thirty years of experience, Natalia Severinka, meets Tugezu on the outskirts of Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog in itself carries a interterritorial Medical Association Maternity Hospital. It was here, in the gynecology department will be set electromechanical morcellator so desired city (near the place where such equipment — Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog city receives patients and three other nearby areas.) Originally planned installation of the unit in the city emergency hospital. However, at the last moment, when the manufacturer is prepared to supply aid, emergency hospital chief doctor has consulted Morcellators donation to the hospital due to lack of specialists who could perform these operations. In the 11 months since the initialization of the project, they do not bother to prepare.

In Tugeze quickly oriented and inter-territorial agreement with maternity home under the guidance of Taganrog Besarab Tatyana Vladimirovna, where there is a gynecology department and specialists necessary qualifications where the unit is badly needed, where they will take all the patients Rostov region. And help they will receive if the policy OMC free of charge.

Gynecological ward Maternity Hospital is now working in difficult conditions. Because of the overhaul of its housing it temporarily housed in the new building of a maternity hospital. Reduced the number of operating system environments (only one), not enough outbuildings.

It is not known when the gynecologist will be able to move into the newly rebuilt chassis. The new building hospital building, building, and finally built (about 30 years).

In close quarters, but not mad.

Installation and training on work on electromechanical Morcellators held Semenihin Evgeny of NPF "Wing".


The first patient waiting for the end of April — will perform scheduled operations gynecologist Maternity Hospital Shcherbin Sergey (Endosurgery has been since 1996). Assist him to the emergency hospital physician surgeon Severinka NV (Endosurgery engaged since 1998, including gynecology).

So Tugeza not give up and do not throw their — Morcellators Taganrog be saved and women so that they recovered faster and stay beautiful! As agreed.

We thank all participants of the project and each other for support! We are together
This report was provided by Olga Lukashova, coordinated action. Not only is the coordinator, but also an inspiration. She just called and said, * I help you? * … And spun, 121 inhabitant of planet Earth have decided to make the city of Taganrog little healthier. 
Olga thank you, I think, and Taganrog join.

Do not be afraid to make the first move.

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