This year, the Air Force received more than 60 units of new aircraft


In the training centers and air bases of the Air Force (IAF) is still present new aviation technology. So, this week in aviation centers in Akhtubinsk and Torzhke received several modernized modern amphibious transport helicopter Mi-8 MTV-5-1, which are the most massive rotary-wing aircraft in aviation history.

The training air base "Falcon" Military Training and Research Center Air Force "Air Force Academy named after professor NE Zhukovsky and Y. Gagarin "delivered three multi-purpose helicopter" ANSAT-U "designed to address a wide range of applications: transportation, passenger transportation, search and rescue, patrol, initial training, etc.

In total this year’s Air Force received more than 60 units of new aircraft: Mi-28N, Mi-35, various modifications of the Mi-8, Su-30cm, Yak-130, An-140 and others.

In accordance with existing contracts for delivery in 2012 provided more than 60 Ka-52, Mi-8, Mi-26, Mi-35 and about 20 new Su-34, Su-35s and others.

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