This year, the Russian Railways will buy 45 new trains

In 2011, the rail network will be delivered to Russia 512 cars of the new multiple units.
From them — 466 cars for electric trains (45 trains), 42 cars for the rail buses (14 rail buses) and 4 car for diesel-electric DT-1 (1 diesel-electric train).

Demikhovsky Engineering Works put 450 electric train cars series ÝÄ4Ì

and 10 series of electric cars ED9M.

Torzhokskiy Carriage Works put 6 cars electric series ET4A with asynchronous traction drive and 4 car diesel-electric DT-1.

"Metrovagonmash" put 42 cars rail buses RA-2.

The volume of investments in 2011, aimed at renewing railcar fleet, will be 10.67 billion rubles.

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