This year, Ukraine had a 5.5 thousand new IT companies

Since the beginning of the year in Ukraine were 5 thousand 557 entities that have marked the main type of computer programming of its activities. This isUNNAccording to the press service of the Ministry of Justice.

299 of them — are legal, 5258 — individual entrepreneurs.

The highest figures for business registration in the field of computer programming is registered in Kiev — 1074 (923 individual entrepreneurs and 151 legal entities), the second and third positions — Kharkiv and Lviv region. There appeared respectively 795 and 610 entities in this sphere.

The smallest number of business entities that plan to engage in computer programming, since the beginning of the year recorded in the Volyn region — only 34 business entity.

Recall now the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a draft law aimed at the development and promotion of IT industry. According to the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Information and Information Technology Valeria Omelchenko, tax incentives provided by the bill number 2063, will withdraw from the "shadow" of Ukrainian IT-company.

"Changes in the tax code that we offer in the bill would create an attractive business climate in the area of IT and high technology. And then the Ukrainian development and start-ups will be interesting both for domestic investors and foreign companies," — says the MP.


Ukraine in 2015 may reach 6 in the world in terms of IT-export — World Bank Ukraine in 2015 may reach 6 in the world in terms of IT-export. This was announced by the head of the State Agency on Science, Innovations and InformatizationVladimir Seminozhenko, the press service of the institution.

As noted Seminozhenko, it is expected that in 2015 the number of new jobs in the area of IT will reach 168.5 million, including 106 million in IT-exports, 62.5 thousand — in the domestic market. In total, the information technology industry in Ukraine will involve 350 thousand professionals (in the export sector — about 125 thousand people, the domestic — about 225 thousand), and the growth of the industry in 2015 is $ 5 billion estimated by the World Bank , 2015 Ukraine may reach 6 in the world in terms of IT-export. Internal IT segment will also grow, but at a slower pace — by 5-10% per year.

It should be noted that the total number of ICT specialists in Ukraine at the end of 2012 amounted to more than 215 million people, of whom about 25 million people — certified programmers working for export.

For IT-industry in Ukraine has lately riveted attention of the authorities. Even planned development of the state program for the development of IT-industry. The Cabinet stated that the task of government — the creation of the preconditions for the country developed the entire industry as a whole, with a gradual exit to create your own product, because IT-sphere — is very important for the future of Ukraine and the development of almost all sectors of the economy.

The government believes information technology specialists to support in the first place, because among the thousands of programmers have 1-2% of those who can create really creative competitive product.

Recall that in Ukraine January 1, 2013 came into force a law on tax incentives for the IT-industry. The law exempts from VAT entrepreneurs working in the field of software industry.

Interestingly, Ukraine ranks fourth in the world in the number of certified IT-specialists. This was reported in the report of the National Commission, subject to state regulation in the field of communication and information, citing a study Exploring Ukraine IT Outsourcing Industry 2012.Soglasno document, the Ukrainian universities annually produce about 16 thousand professionals in the field.

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