Thoughts of an American patriot U.S. Independence Day

July 4 (U.S. Independence Day — per.) Is approaching, and I was asked to tell that the celebration of this day means to me as an American. First of all, I feel very mixed feelings about the celebration of Independence Day of the United States, knowing that the country, which declared its independence in 1776, was built on land cleared during the 284 years of genocide against its indigenous inhabitants. Knowing that, as Robert Lowell wrote in his poem "Children of the World":

"Our fathers were baking bread in wood and stone
And to fence their gardens bones Redskins'

On the other hand, when my Irish ancestors fled Ireland during the potato famine in the mid-19th century, they were coming into the country occupied by the suppression of the last pockets of resistance prairie Indian tribes, while their counterparts from the East Coast — such as the Mohicans and Peco — have been killed. Thus, a haven for hungry Irishmen was released from its native population, the story for the most part hidden from us, who grew up in the "melting pot" history, to recreate that I worked hard.

Poets like Robert Lowell, were removed from the in Norton Anthology of American Literature. It is strange that the other opposition E.E.Kammings American poet (Edward OSTLING Cummings, 1894-1962, Amer controversial. Poet, modernist, was accused of elitism, anti-Semitism and misanthropy — per.) Still is in it, though some of his apparently political poems have been quietly dropped. Such as "Protest deviationist of call", dedicated to the young American, refuse military service, containing the following lines: "I'm not going to your e-th war," and "I will not kiss your e-th flag." 

Apart from the fact that the buffalo herds, flocks of birds, redwood forests on the continent have been destroyed, the history of my country was a series of wars of conquest and porabotitelnyh displayed at the official discourse as a series of heroic "Frontier" (Wars of pioneers, occupying more land in the western U.S. — per). Gradually, in spite of this, especially for those traveling in undeveloped parts of the colonized world, claims to heroism quickly fade in the face of desolation and poverty of the peoples, which account for the severity of the military power.

The current war, more than any other, there is a religious war, called a "crusade" as their leader, waged a fanatical clique of Zionists (Jews and Christians), obsessed with turning the Middle East into a biblical utopia Appokalipsisa in the last chapter, in which the "Halibarton" and " Bechtel "and" Shell Oil "perform the commandments of Yahweh to exterminate the Amalekites, a Jebusite, Amonitov, Philistines, etc., and assign them to the ground. Country, once known as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan — will be released, ie transformed into a single market for Israeli products, which will all be dressed alike, read the same newspapers, and resisting all opposition will be destroyed. And according to President Bush (unelected president, talked with God!), Anyone who does not put up with this scary prospect — is "the enemy."

I protivlyus this scary future, which every day becomes clearer and more disgusting — than even what Orwell predicted in 1984. I love my country, and I wish her well and peace of mind, security and prosperity, especially because I have children and grandchildren who live in it, and also wanting to see her moral and democratic country. But the enemy I, because I love and other countries and cultures — Turkey, Palestine, Syria, Jordan and India, and also because I want to see a world in which uniqueness and beauty of all countries will be respected and maintained, and where we all work together to preserve our dwindling natural resources, and to distribute them fairly among the nations of the world?

Claire Brandabur

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